Hans started his active seaman's career in ocean towage and salvage.

He added a degree in Naval Architecture after 7 years of sea life.

He used his practical background for all kinds of heavy sea transports and heavy-lift ship designs and now puts 50 years of experience into a new market of Renewable and Sustainable integrated systems for remote areas and communities.


This new challenge will keep him active for the years to come.

The resemblance between ships, that have fully equipped utility systems, and remote locations is helping very much to design a holistic system.

Contributing to a better environment and society has always been a motivation in his work and private lift. Energy Renewed is the next step.

Hans van Mameren - Founder

Hans van Mameren

Rannie Tang YaJie - Managing Director

Rannie started her career in 2009 as Production Planner in ST Marine, where she was responsible for planning and tracking production schedule. In 2012 Rannie graduated from Newcastle University with first class honour, majored in Naval Architecture. Since the last six years she works at Hace-Engineering Pte Ltd. as Naval architect. During her time with Hace-Engineering, she has contributed to completing many successful projects with well-known marine & offshore companies such as EMAS, Tat Hong, BigLift etc. Rannie holds the certificate of Perform Design and Installation of PV system from SEAS Singapore.


Apart from her work, Rannie also enjoys participating in voluntary work, and she believes that giving back to society is one of the key factors to create a more sustainable environment.

Rannie Tang YaJie

Daan van Wijk - Marketing Advisor

Daan is a creative Marketing Director and has more than 15 years of experience in international product marketing, general marketing and product management, in the IT hardware and online education industry.


Daan has worked as Product Marketing Manager at Dell, and was Director Product Manager at Laureate Online Education.

He is the expert in developing marketing strategies where he uses his personal drive and communication skills to align all stakeholders to get the results.


Daan is an active scuba diver, underwater filmmaker, dive instructor and worked in scuba dive resorts in Indonesia. As such he is highly motivated to contricute to a sustainable future for all, especially where it comes to conserving marine life and improving the lives of people in remote areas.

Daan van Wijk