Safe Drinking Water


A longtime ago "Life" started in water and it still cannot do without it. We all need it. Even when you live on a remote island surrounded by sea it can be a problem. How to get safe potable water?

ENERGY-RENEWED has surged the world market for simple, affordable and robust units that can deliver just that. We teamed together with ENVIRO-PURE working from Thailand who have improved a system from Netherlands. Designing the right layout of catchment, filtration and storage is an expertise we learned from shipbuilding. Together with our partners we can deliver the right system. Form 20 litre per minute to much more.

Some groundwater has dangerous arsenic contamination. Other locations

only have salty water. For all a suitable and affordable solution is available. 

Combine a water utility with sustainable electrical energy sources and

every remote community can have the benefit of modern technology.

ENERGY-RENEWED will also monitor that system on-line to guarantee the

good working and monitor the water quality. The PET water bottle can be

put aside. A big step in the right direction of a more sustainable environment.