Our Vision, Mission & Focus

Our Vision:

For the world's most remote locations to have access to clean energy in order to protect the natural environment and to build a sustainable future. Renewable Energy has the future, is unstoppable and we want to contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels consumption (carbon foot print). Renewable Energy is an important part of the Circular Economy which includes energy, production of food, materials, E-Commerce and Internet of Things. We want to become the premier solutions provider for renewable energy.


Our Mission:

To make Energy Renewed the preferred choice for companies in remote off-grid areas such as resorts, mining, forestry, fishing, communication & broadcasting companies. We achieve this by delivering complete circular solutions that are cost-effective, balanced and scalable and help not only protecting the environment but also improving the image and brand of our customers.

Our Focus:

Only when a layout is really holistic and balanced a working solution can be provided. Aiming to provide such sustainable solution to remote locations, our core business focus is our BIY (Built It Yourself) Electric boating project. This includes:

1. Electric boating

2. Integration of shore-based charging and shore-based energy generation and storage

3. Integrated refrigeration for fishing boats and shore-based storage

4. Potable water filtration and storage


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