Why Electric Boats

Boats  running on fossil fuel have high energy cost.

The way to go? Electric!

Energy Renewed will soon launch its first boat with electric drives. Not a luxurious one, just a robust simple boat. Practical for resorts, hotels, fisheries, mining and agri-companies and, most of all, local communities. 

ER provides the local boatbuilder with a full kit including all equipment at the lowest possible costs. He then, can build and deliver a standardised boat.

In this way large quantities can be produced quickly, thus generating "Economy of Scale".

By involving local boatbuilders, this project also supports local economies and involvement of all parties. Together with a good support on building and maintaining these boats, other developments and designs will follow. 


Why refitting an existing boat is not an efficient option

Most boats are made of wood. Batteries need more space and are much heavier than a single fuel tank. When a boat becomes too heavy it will get more resistance and needs more power and thus more batteries. And so on. Lightweight composite boats are the best way to go. A long lifetime and little maintenance are some of the extras.

Who will benefit

In river regions and on islands, boats are the means of transport. But islands and river regions also often have remote locations for which the supply of fuel is expensive and complicated. When electricity is locally produced and stored in a sustainable manner huge cost savings can be achieved.

Resorts: Get a better image by being really "ECO".

Communities: Can improve their income by saving on fuel and living conditions by electricity in their homesteads.

Fish Farms: Can brand their green image.

Agri- and Mining: Businesses can save on costs and depend less on outside supplies.