Ways2H - Waste to Energy

How to make energy out of waste using a gassifier?

Waste is everywhere, how can we turn "Trash" into "Value"? In large organised urban communities the technology is available and applied. But how about small rural communities? Collecting waste and ship it to far-away facilities is not economic viable. Recycling it into a variety of low value products, neither.

Specializing in small scale renewable energy projects, Energy Renewed is pleased to have added a next pearl to our string. Ways2H is a Japanese-US joint venture which has developed and commercializes an improved and closed loop thermochemical conversion process offering a large capacity range. From 1T/day to 50T/day of feedstock. Small and medium sized communities no longer have to pollute their own environment and backyard with dangerous landfills or burn their waste on the roadside. 


The system converts MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) into usable Hydrogen, low grade heat and captured CO2. All three useful products made of something we desperately need to get rid of. It eats anything, as long as it made of organic material: food waste, cardboard/paper, wood and most important of all: to plastics is says “Yummy”. 


And the products from this process can be used for a whole range of useful applications. Hydrogen can either be stored or directly used for generating electric energy. Low grade heat for absorption cooling. CO 2 is a nutrient for food production in greenhouses where plants convert it into oxygen and fix the carbon in their cells. All of this resulting in a true Circular System. 


A first unit is now operational in Japan and California will follow soon. ASEAN is the next market where this will be deployed. More news about the third plant to be commissioned in Singapore will follow soon.

Our technology provider:

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