Circular Economy

 "Our team is very much aware of the changes showing on the horizon. Renewable and Sustainable energy is not just a stand-alone fact. It is a part of a new period of a Circular Economy in which all new technology will be combined. Although an important subject, Climate Change is not the only motivation. A next  Industrial  Revolution is rapidly approaching. Some are " Deniers" who think all will stay the same.Others are part of the "Believers" who accept things that need to change. We are part of the "Makers", those who will work to make this change happen. Renewable Energy is an important part of the Circular Economy which goes beyond recycling your plastic bag. It will include Energy, Production of food and materials, IoT and E-commerce. A lot of old technology and old interests will be demolished but on the ruins, this new environment will grow. Our team wants to contribute to that in order to make a better and more justified society for ourselves and the generations after us. "

                                                                      Hans van Mameren

                                                           (Founder of Energy Renewed PTE LTD)